A Social Media Marketing Guide For Beginners.

A Social Media Marketing Guide For Beginners.

From where to start? 

To a beginner in the digital marketing world, it is always a topic of dilemma.

Involving your business on a social web platform is always going to return you if you did it the right way. Being talked about on social media will help your business brand grow. Just try to be as visible and mentionable as you can because some action is better than no action.

Beginning attempts to enter a social media platform is going to make your mind chaotic. Since, social media today has grown to become populated with too many people, too many sites, too much content, and too many competitors. It can be overwhelming at first. But don’t quit. Be patient, and keep on doing your magic. One day you will watch yourself grow. 

As a growing social media mechanism and algorithm, multiple options to start your social media marketing have been developed. It might be a little overwhelming and confusing.

Let’s start step by step then.


First: Pick the right platform

Always make sure that you choose the right platform. Make a small start and be selective. Multiple options might make it ambiguous but don’t rush to enter multiple platforms at once. It will be chaotic to handle.

Let’s begin with a single stand that you think might be the best one to cope with your business type and audience.

For example, if you are targeting for younger demographic it’s better to choose Instagram or TikTok. If your business is up for older demographics the best options will be Facebook and YouTube.

For an instance, if your company is more about B2B nature (brand to brand) better to choose LinkedIn and Twitter. If your business deals with  B2C (business to customer) Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and YouTube are better options. Starting with small, work to make it big.


Second: Start to create content

Don’t be hesitant to create content even if you have fewer numbers of followers. Never stop creating and updating your social site even if nobody’s watching. Not in a blink of an eye but gradually you will earn several followers.

Nobody ever follows an empty site. Do they? So, as said earlier something action is better than no action at all.

You should keep updating your social profile with some useful and quality content.

But never focus on quantity more than quality. Always post quality content that is more likely to make your audiences come to you more than once.

Start your content by completing your profile introduction. Give people enough reasons to follow you. Talk about, how following you is going to benefit your followers.


Third: Keep on tracking your competitors 

Always keep tracking the activities of your business competitors. Evaluate each step and get what is working and what is not for them. It can be great guidance for your business.

You can try to adopt some strategic steps from them and not others that seem to not contribute to brand progress.


Fourth: Always be personable

Don’t be hesitant to interact with people or your potential audiences. You must not let your social media be rigid, boring, inhumane, and much of a corporation.

Don’t just  “Do Social”  you need to “Be Social”.

Be authentic and polite when interacting with people. People tend to follow you when they can connect with you. So be nice even when people bust you with reviews and their opinion.

Social media guide

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Fifth: Connect your website and your social media profile

After building your social media profile and a website, connect them. A correct binding helps search engines and social media to know which website is associated with which social media profile.

Also, you need to add social media button on your website so that people can easily get access to your Profile. Also, it is convenient to share your blogs on social media this way.


Sixth: Optimize your social media profile

Social media optimization aware people of your business. It is the best tool to convert your audiences to your customer. Leaving your profile unoptimized is a failure. It is failing to tell people what your brand is about, and what it does, which might drive your clients away.

Optimizing your profile only takes a little effort like:

  • Clarifying your authentic Brand name
  • Using the high-quality profile picture
  • Relevant information about your brand in the bio section
  • Linking your social media to your website


Seventh: Be guided by a certain posting schedule

Consistency is what every business profile must have. Post the contents but don’t overdo it.

Letting yourself be guided by social media calendar is a wise decision you need to make as a beginner. It is a proper schedule that guides your content posting. People trust consistent work more than random ones. It will surely earn your brand their trust and loyalty.


Eighth: Focus on branding

Build your authentic logo. Logo helps you to be remembered. Use the same stylistics and logo on your all website and media profiles.

However, branding is more than just a logo. It is a collective framework  inside which lies

  • Your presentation- logo, color, and font used
  • The writing style of your blogs, posts, and article
  • Your customer services
  • Tone and voices your brand on social media

Branding is the cornerstone of any business.

Social media marketing isn’t as complicated as it looks. All you need to focus on is two major spaces while dwelling in. One is the building of your Social media profile. The Second one is how to use social media efficiently.

Grab all the effective features it provides. Mostly don’t ever be hesitant to experiment and try new things. You must always try and learn.



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