Types of Social Media Marketing

Types of Social Media Marketing

Most of the time, when we talk about social media marketing, a few leading platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram poop out in our minds. The social media algorithm, working mechanism, and search engine ranking are constantly changing. For now, your brand should not limit to posting pictures and videos on Instagram or Facebook once or twice a day.

There is more to it than posting pictures and videos. It has broadened its area to live advertisement streaming, shopping, social audio, and many more.

Using a perfect type of social media marketing can help you boost your ranking in the google search engine. More to this, it is also vital to keep up to date with the ever-changing format and mechanism of the digital world. This will help you not to miss out on the opportunities.

It every time focuses on enhancing brand communication. It also works for brand recognition to reach out to possible clients and customers.


Social media marketing types

So let’s now dwell on some of its types to have you promote your marking performance.

Let’s list them out shortly


Content marketing or content creating

Content marketing is strategic marketing. It focuses on content and uses it as a medium to tell about one’s business leads and services to its consumers.

It means using relevant articles, blogs, videos, infographics, podcasts, emails, and whitepaper social media posting.

It works on developing and distributing useful content to attract potential customers. Useful content is the core of any business marketing. It helps you gain the trust of customers. All you need is to deliver the right content at each stage of the sale cycle.

The consistent sharing of content on your social media establishes the different levels of relationship with your client.

Content creation must be done right. It leads your possible customers to believe that your brand or company values the clients to whom it sells its product. When you gain the trust of people, they will come to you whenever it’s time to buy the product or yield the service your company provides.

Therefore, content marketing is the most prominent type of social media marketing.



Advertisement is another type of evolving social media marketing tool. It uses video and image content to deliver paid ads to its targeted audiences.

It utilizes platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn to leverage non-personal messages to promote and sell products or services.

It is generally paid message you control to boost your company. Social media advertisement is more interactive and conversing. It is very useful when it comes to bosting and introducing your brand.

Some of its  types are:

Image Ads

This uses pictures for brand awareness. It presents your services and brand identity through appealing imageries. Image Ads include “Shop now” options. It leads your potential client to your website page as soon as they click on it.

Video Ads

The video image is another level advertisement tool. It uses appealing video content to attract your audiences. Usually, short but informative video ads are preferred considering the time value of audiences. The video, in a short time, must be able to convey every possible information about your brand.

Story Ads

Platforms like Facebook and Instagram allow pooping of advertisements in their story. The story ads can be photos or videos. Facebook allows story views for six seconds. Instagram stories can be viewed for 120 seconds.

Messenger Ads

Unlike other ads, messenger ads poop in the chat tab of the user during the conversation. An interested viewer can click the URL which is linked to your brand’s website.

The internet is ever-changing and constantly evolving. So, you ought to choose the right platform for the right advertisement tool.


Paid media marketing

Paid media marketing or paid social media is another strategy of marketing. It involves displaying advertisements or sponsored marketing messages on various social media platforms.

Pay-per-click, advertising, brand or influence-generating content, and various display ads are the forms of Paid Media Marketing.

You can categorize any paid media marketing if you see the “Sponsored” or “Promoted” tag near the post you view.

It grants your website traffic along with brand awareness among the audiences. Paid media marketing is also responsible for Return on investment (RIO).


Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is another mechanism of social media marketing. It uses endorsements or recommendation forms and influences the internet.

So, Who actually are the influencers?

Simply, a social media influencer is an individual who had successfully built their own dedicated and loyal followers on social media.  They are viewed as an expert in their specific niche.

Influencer marketing is operated by brands in connection with influencers. It is done to produce a positive impact on the brand’s product. Speically within the loyal audience of influencers. An influencer can be a YouTuber, a blog writer, or a content creator. They, who has enough potential to convince their audience.

Let’s list some ways influencer marketing can be done:

  • Product reviews by influencers.
  • Creating a co-branded product in collaboration with an influencer.
  • Prepare Influencing tools like content creation along with short videos. Also, posts by influencers themselves are in favor of your brands.
  • Partnering with the influencer to produce advertisements.
  • Influencers can share brand promotions and new product launches.

An influencer is made to talk and promote the brand on a Social Media Platform. In return, the influencer is paid with cash, free products/service, or sometimes both.


Social media management

Social media management is a branch of social media marketing. It covers the entire area of planning, preparing, and publishing relevant content on a social media platform.

It also carries out the process of profile auditing, and audience research regularly. It helps to promote relevant content on social media.

It is not easy to gain audiences’ trust at the beginning of your attempt. It requires multiple attempts to gain enough followers.

The proper practice of social media management can escalate marketing. It will lead to an increase in your ROI (Return on investment)



Social media marketing is a milestone for any business brand. Social media is a humongous world embarked with opportunities. As a brand owner do not miss the opportunity. With many innovative algorithms developing in its mechanisms, marketing has also gained a wider range of varieties.

Not limited to content writing and sharing. Social media has elevated its space to marketing through visual implications and many more.


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