Top Branding Myths You Need To Avoid

Top Branding Myths You Need To Avoid

Branding has quite a lot of misconceptions and misinterpretations. It is normal for people to fall for one or another at a time. People having flawed ideas about branding keeps them from fully appreciating the essence of growth that branding can bring to your small business. Because great business building starts with the right mindset about branding and applying them to the business.

Because there are a lot of myths it is normal for people to fall into the pitfall. Also when there is no one to debunk the myths people may accept the myth and follow the same path to damnation. So, here I am to uncover some common branding myths you’ll need to know about. You need to avoid them to gain control over your branding growth.


Myth no 1. Branding is your company logo and name

This is a widely common myth that needs debunking. Yes! company logo and name play a vital role in the branding of the company but it is quite unwise to take these factors as the brand itself. Company tagline, logo, and name merely serve as a tiny component of branding.

More to this, branding is people’s perception of your product. It is the collective identity of your messages, services, products, reputation, the way you treat your clients, and other visual identities of your company.

It is more than just your authentic name, logo, tagline, and color. It covers a wide range than this.


Myth no 2. Branding is only for bigger companies

A lot of smaller business owners are skeptical to start branding because there is a common perception that branding is only for bigwigs. Which is definitely not true. Smaller business needs it more than anything because it is the step that provides your business recognition among people.

The whole idea of branding has been wrongly shaped to be very complicated and time-consuming which makes small business owners think twice before stepping in.

This is not wise because branding is for everyone. It is a step to visualize your business mission and vision to the consumers. It prompts your visibility. When done right it can turn a small business to become big one day. This is the truth. Forget about the rest.


Myth no 3. Branding and advertising are the same

Advertising and branding indeed have some mild relation but identifying them as the same is untrue. Advertising holds the specific purpose of selling the products whereas branding is all about building a positive perception of your business in your possible client’s minds.

Yes, advertising enhances the brand somehow but let’s not forget that branding drives and shapes the entire process of advertising

Branding defines Who you are. Whereas  Advertising is merely the promotion of products and services of your business.


Myth no 4. The cost of branding is enormous

It is somewhat true that branding can be pricey sometimes. However, it can not be counted as a luxury but as a necessity. It is a crucial factor for any smaller or large company. The expenses you spend are always rewarding. It provides your business recognition, reputation, and stander.

Having a separate business brand differentiate you from other companies. Clarifies how you can be the better choice for the service.

The expenses spent on branding are worth weighing in gold.

Branding Myths

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Myth no 5. Branding is too complicated

It is definitely not a piece of cake. However, this should not be the legit reason for delaying it at all. Branding should be considered addressing its benefits for your company.

It is not a factor you can consider pulling off until you get success in your business. For fabricating a larger business branding at once will be more complicated than building a brand for a small business.

It is better to initiate the branding process as soon as you begin your business and grow together. This way it will be much less cumbersome.


Myth no 6. Consistency is prime for brands

In a world of the ever-growing platforms of social media, flexibility and versatility is a keys to becoming the choice of your consumer. Using a consistent logo and brand name is somewhat crucial but being flexible while dealing with audiences or clients is a must to build an authentic relationship with them.

Use different approaches to deal with different people. Because flexibility is a new consistency. Try to build an emotional relationship with your audience. Then you are a block away from building a positive attitude about yourself in your customer’s mind.


Myth no 7. Your brand is all about you

It is very much not true. Your brand is always about your customers. They are the one who shapes your brand. They are the one who defines your business as negative or positive. The key to outbreak this is hearing your customer’s feedback and complaints just to improve your business.

It is ultimately guided by your customers and clients more than yourself. You are just an actor, directed by your customer.

As you have come across all the myths people have about branding all you need to do is overshadow it and go for branding. If you are a small business owner don’t think twice. Yes, it is somewhat complicated but it is such a meaningful experience for your business growth. It will surely provide you with an asset of loyal customers and a unique following community.


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