10 Social Media Marketing Mistakes To Avoid

10 Social Media Marketing Mistakes To Avoid

Making mistakes is quite Humanly. We all make them. A lot actually.

However, social media marketing mistakes you make can be really unforgiving sometimes. The mistakes you commit will result in your followers dwindling day by day.


Because it just takes one mere click and one second to click the unfollow button

There are some rookie social media marketing mistakes, that most business owners often commit. Some which can be easily escaped.

Making mistakes can result in heavy consequences in a digital world. It may erode your brand and miss out on all of your sales. However, identifying and fixing them on time can help you recover. It can help you gain back the RIO (Return on Investment) from all the effort you cultivated in social media marketing.

So, let’s identify some common mistakes people often commit during their social media marketing journey before you start yours. It will help you avoid mistakes. It will let you embark on the digital ocean with confidence.


1. Not Building Social Media Marketing Plans

Many emerging brands still don’t find the social media marketing strategy an important tool for their business. And it is a mistake.

Having no systematic social media strategy often leads you out of track. There is no point in posting more and more content every day if you have no pre-defined strategy associated with it.

To begin with any marketing on social media the bottom line would be: don’t post as many as you want, as often as you want, whenever you want. It would be barbaric. Always start with plans outlining goals, budget, and KPIs. Avoid the cliché and be strategic instead. Have a concrete plan about what next? Know what you are trying to achieve.


2. Not Paying Attention To Social Media Analytics

Today, nearly every social media is facilitated with analytics or dashboard features. They are there for a reason. Take as much advantage as you can. Such an analytical tool helps you gain inner insight about who is engaged with your post, for how long, and many other pieces of information.

It helps you build a further social media marketing strategy.


3. Failing To Interact

Failing to interact with your followers or probable client on social media would be considered a red flag to your audiences. Social media is named social for reason. It relays on communication and interaction.

The more you interact with your audience, the better your performance would be considered. The better loyal audiences and customers you will earn.

The fact that you don’t reply to comments or show gratitude to your customers will make them think that you are not interested enough to become a part of the social media community.


4. Too Much Self-Promotion

Stop making it all about yourself. Making it what your audience would like to come across is what you should be doing.

Cook something that your audiences can connect to. Talking about your brand, your news, your events your products all the time will make your profile monotonous.

The content you post must hold a higher significance of interest to your audiences. For, you make content for them then why make it all about yourself? Make everything about them.

Yes! business branding is important but keep it mild.


5. Approaching All Social Media As The Same

Most people think of all social platforms as equal but they are not. So, posting the same type of content in the same format across all social media is an unwise decision.

Remember that the user demographic of TikTok is different than the users of LinkedIn and Facebook. Tiktok is entirely visual oriented whereas LinkedIn is concerned with work and business-related materials.

People have different expectations from different platforms. People don’t enjoy reading news on TikTok. So knowing the algorithm of each media is a must. You need to know what to post and where.


6. Relying Too Much On Automation

Automation is sometimes a day saver but depending too much on it is the mistake many business brands commit. It may lose the human touch in your posts around which your brand’s persona thrives.

If people can tell that your social media posts are automated (Canned) they will most likely distance themselves from your brand. Provide your audience and clients with entertaining inspiring and delightful content that will give a personal touch.


7. Posting Inconsistency (Stick To Social Media Calendar)

Posting inconsistency is another common mistake. Omitting to drive your profile by the social media calendar will lead to inconsistency. It is quite an unwise decision for any business brand. No matter how many times you post on social media you need to remain consistent with the pace.

Consistency helps you establish credibility, trust, and reputation. It will help you gain loyal followers. Sticking to the posting schedule (social media calendar) will help you create better and quality content rather than quantity.


8. Avoiding Or Counter-attacking The Negative Comments

Don’t panic when you get a negative comment on your post. Many choose to avoid or delete the comments. This will decrease the credibility and trustability of your brand. Rather handle it in a calm professional manner.

Always respond with snark, and give a thoughtful response to the comment. Keep your tone polite.

Learning from mistakes is quite fruitful. So, thank the individual who posted the feedback for pointing out the problems they are facing. Try to ensure that you are truly sorry and amend it as soon as possible. 


9. Not Using Paid Promotion Tools

Being reluctant in doing paid promotion is such a loss to any business brand. Because organic reach on social media is down. Some paid promotions do help out.

Paid promotion is the most important channel in the digital arsenal. It is also very much affordable. Despite the noise of huge social media platforms paid promotion drives traffic, and increases lead along with sale rates.

Paid promotion makes a huge difference in engagement and escalating your followers.


10. Focusing On Quantity Than Quality

In the race with big fishes in the digital ocean, we always rushed to post too much at a time. Doing random unfiltered posts can make your profile untrustworthy. People might then just click unfollow to your account.

Do not ever focus on posting randomly. Do less but do quality. Quality content flashing in your profile sticks your audience to your business brand. Because it’s a modern time, people can get a lot but what they cherish is quality over quantity.



When starting with your business outbreak on social media, it’s quite human to make mistakes. But social media can be unforgiving sometimes. It is better to avoid mistakes as much as possible. The more you know about common pitfalls of social media the less likely you’ll repeat them.

Knowing these 10 common mistakes people usually committee will make your social media marketing campaigns go forth with confidence. For you are now all aware. 


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